Creegan + D'Angelo board


Leadership is collaboration and mentoring - at Creegan + D'Angelo it involves the Board of Directors (shown left), Branch Office Leaders - Fairfield, Pleasanton, Monterey and San Francisco, Technical Leaders - Structures, Bridges, Land Development, Public Works, Water, Transportation, Earthquake Engineering, and CADD. Mentoring and training new leaders and professional advancement made today's leaders and is building tomorrow's leadership. These individuals transfer internal leadership throughout the profession, construction industry and the communities where we work and live with active professional involvement, precedent-setting designs, creative solutions and innovation.

Clients seek out Creegan + D'Angelo because of a 50+ year history of quality, reliability, and service. We have built a reputation for innovative and cost competitive solutions, design-build partnerships with contractors, and "on-call" engineering with service provided over years on multiple projects. Our engineers and the company is winning awards. C+D is a CELSOC Engineering award winner in 2004 and 2008, SEAONC Excellence in Engineering in 2003 and 2007 and SEAOC Excellence Award in 2007, and the Lincoln Arc Welding National Gold Award in 1980.

Creegan + D'Angelo Engineers - Tad Tobitt, P.E. was on the CELSOC Board of Director over 20 years, Stan Kulakow, P.E. was a CELSOC Board of Director for 25 years, Robert Jones, P.E. – is a member of the ACEC National Executive Leadership Group, Reinhard Ludke, S.E. served as President of SEAONC 2008-2009, is a SEAONC FELLOW and SEAOC Director 2008, 2009, & 2010, David Wilson, P.E. Committee Chairman, and our engineers are technical paper authors at engineering conferences and seminars.